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Eminent Girls College, located in Village Soda, Block Malpura, District Tonk, Rajasthan aims at providing our young women from the rural sector a platform to recognize their potential to help in their personal and future growth.


Our team is working towards imparting meaningful education to our students and encourages them to think innovatively. Our primary aim is to help empower our students to face the daily life challenges with confidence. Our endeavor is to provide the right tools and inspire the young women to take on leadership roles such that they impact their respective communities and /or villages.


One of our key principles is to provide quality education to our students that go beyond books and the traditional norms. We focus on practical learning through various activities and workshops creating an environment that makes them feel safe and cared for.


We provide our students with various create platforms that helps recognize and appreciate traditional art-forms with an agenda of keeping them alive. There are regular activities to build confidence and team spirit while also inculcating the habit of working towards nurturing and respecting nature. Through an integrated educational curriculum and practical training an attempt is made to ignite critical thinking and leadership qualities to help the current generation make an effective and purposeful contribution towards the betterment of the society.


Our campus is a living example of bringing together local expertise in farming and forestry co-created by our students through simple techniques including the Miyawaki methodology while also inspiring the students to stay connected with the indigenous architectural practices.

We at Eminent Girls College aim to provide an intellectually adventurous education that will help nurture and empower our students and encourage them to reach for the sky while remaining rooted and taking pride in their culture and heritage.


In our efforts to facilitate teaching beyond books and classrooms we provide workshops and learning even through celebrations of the local festivals giving our students and faculty a platform to develop multiple qualities, an opportunity to learn from varied cultures thereby, respecting all customs and traditions.


We try and facilitate the growth of our students through an amalgamation of theoretical interdisciplinary knowledge and practical education which focuses on academics, critical thinking, problem solving, team building and leadership. Over the years we have been inviting various experts form different fields to share their knowledge and experience with our students to build a learning environment that focuses on many such aspects and development of practical life skills.

We nudge our faculty and students, along with the local experts, in utilizing the campus as a space for everyone to come together and learn from each other.

In the times to come the college aims to expand its wings even more with a community radio station, a vocational training center, and a school to provide a stronger foundation in education for its students and the communities around. The college will continue to be instrumental in former Sarpanch Chhavi Rajawat's endeavors to create a holistic model for rural development.

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